• Organizations that elect to participate in the project and be considered for Ivey Awards recognition must represent themselves as a professional theater organization.
  • All professional theater organizations desiring to be considered for an award must:
    • Be a 501 (c) (3) organization or for-profit business registered with the State of Minnesota and in existence for at least one year.
    • Have produced and performed work at least one year prior to participation.
    • Financially compensate their adult artists and staff for all productions.
    • Be located in the Twin Cities seven county metropolitan area
    • Provide between ten and twelve complimentary tickets to each production to be judged on the night of the judges’ choosing and promote the Ivey Awards at their productions 
  • All work eligible for an award must:
    • Be scripted
    • Have a run of at least ten days or over two weekends
    • Be produced by an eligible theater organization
  • The awards will not cover community theater, touring theater, or college and university theater

Any organization wishing a production to be judged must notify the Awards organization by emailing that intent no later than three weeks prior to the opening night of the production